Celebration of non-Islamic festivities. By sheikh Jiteh.

This program was conducted on Friday December 19, 2014. In The Gambia. It is also conducted in the Mandinka language spoken in the Senegambia region. The sheikh sheds light on the prohibition of celebrating non-Islamic festivities, especially festivities that are based on religious conceptions. It is not a secret that the worst sin in islam is associating partners with the one true God, thus muslims who affirm monotheism (one God) and participates in the celebration of the birthday of the “son of God” famously know as Christmas is contradictory and a sinful act. There is not a single verse in the bible that commemorates the “25th of December as the birth of Christ”. Muslims should be able to distinguish between harmonious cooperation between the respective religions around the world, and participation. Respect and sensitivity towards other religions doesn’t mean that one has to agree with each other methodologies and violate their most important religious doctrine.

The imam also talks about issues of other celebrations including “maulid”, know as GAMOU in the Senegambia region as another innovation muslims hold as part of worship and religious duty. Maulid it is not known to the prophet, his companions, and the great imams of islam. The ideas of celebrating the birthday of our prophet Muhammad (sallalahu Alaihi wasallam) was formulated more than four centuries after the core principles of Islam was already established, the intention for Maulid was to imitate Christmas.


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