Friday khubah | By Sheikh Omar Jiteh.

This khubah was conducted on the 19th of December 2014. At the tallingding Islamic institute. In the mandinka language. The narrative of this fascinating khubah focused on mostly two salient issues. The first is the idea of muslims participating in Christmas activities, which is based on commemorating the birth of the son of God. As it is known to all muslims, associating partners with Allah (azzawajal) is the biggest sin in the sight of Allah and and sin that is void of pardoning from the hellfire. He passionately warned muslims, especially the youths, to obtain from participating in these kinds of celebrations.

The second issue, pertains to the formulated conceptions that were added to the pure religion of islam long after the true message was delivered and conveyed accordingly by our beloved prophet Muhammad (sallalahu Alaihi wassalam). He likewise warned muslims to vindicate themselves from those innovations, and practice islam in accordance with how the prophet taught it to his pious companions.


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