Ribaa (Usury/Interest) | By Ustaadh Omar Kebba Donso | Conference | In Mandinka.

The conference sheds lights on the Dangers of usury known as Ribaa in Islam. Ribaa today has spread into almost every formal transaction we indulge in. The proliferation of Ribaa today has towered over almost every country that it makes no distinction between an Islamic country and non Islam country.

The prevalence of Ribaa does not in anyway justify or make Ribaa permissible. Ribaa is one of the greatest sins in the eyes of the Almighty Allah (subhana wa ta’alah). This beneficial conference explained what is Ribaa from an Islamic perspective. It likewise, explained ways of avoiding Ribaa whole still able to make permissible transactions in earning a living in a whole that is engined by Ribaa.

The guest speaker of the conference was Ustaadh Omar Donso. His assistants were Ustaadh Omar Faba Jiteh and Ustaadh Chabbo Ogo Cham.

This conference is the courtesy of Islam in The Gambia.
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