Passpasu Islam | (Aqeedah Islamiyyah) | by Ustaadh Musa Jallow | part 6 | in Wollof

Ustaadh Musa Jallow One of the active student of knowledge in The Gambia known for advocating the Sunnah. He studied at Tallingding Islamic institute high school, before attending the Islamic university of Dr. Ahmad Lo in neighboring senegal. Ustaadh Jallow later went to Mauritania to further his Islamic studies after his university studies.

Paspassu Islam (Aqeedah of Islam) is a program that is conducted by Islam in The Gambia in Wollof language, in an attempt to clarify the correct understanding of Islam inline with that of the prophet and his companions. is under the umbrella of RISA (Relief and educational services of Africa

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